Health and Life


Dermal Cooking Oil is Leading and Trusted Edible Oil Brand in Afghanistan.

Dermal Cooking OIL is an Organic focused ingredients leading Oil Company with trusted brands, Healthy, friendly, fast growing and managing complex supply chains for our clients. From mill to market we function as an extension of our customers’ purchasing teams. We source and deliver the highest qualityedible oils and ingredients in the industry by working with trusted, long standing suppliers.

Food safety

At   Dermal Cooking Oil,  food safety is fundamental to our business. We are committed to delivering high quality, delicious foods to our customers and proving that we are a reliable partner of many food companies.Our production facilities and products are subject to the highest standards for safety and quality control. Our Quality Assurance Systems guarantee that our products meet customers’ strict specifications, provide optimal performance on the production line, and result in the desired end product.


Research and development

In the spirit of “Dermal Cooking Oil”, we are constantly working on product innovations to maintain our role as a leader in the industry. Our Research and Development program in AFGHANISTAN, in conjunction with Dermal programs around the world, continually works on a broad range of themes, including flavor, appearance, and performance. Our scientists have dedicated their efforts to developing new food concepts and improving our products. These efforts include customized formulas, anti-migration fat systems, and fractionated, hydrogenated, and rearranged fats.

Healthy choices made Happier

Dermal Cooking OIL is committed to “happy and healthy  living”. That philosophy extends to the environment and our goal to achieve sustainable procurement and sustainable consumption. We pay specific attention to global environmental, labor, and human rights issues.Globally, customers choose for natural ingredients and healthier foods. We support and develop this trend in a range of all-natural, low-fat, and trans-free products. We have, all-natural mayonnaise free from artificial flavors, and low fat and calorie content.

What to Eat

Dermal Cooking Oil from sunflowers is very good for human nutrition and meal was used as valuable protein feet. Being a combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats with low saturated fat levels.

Dermal Cooking Oil from Palm oil is used for food products, detergents, cosmetics and bio-fuel. Palm oil comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree. It can be separated into a wide range of distinct oils with different properties.

One of the best uses for Dermal soybean oil agriculturally is in the formulation of agricultural insecticides. It can serve as a carrier for agricultural insecticides, for the effective and efficient control of plant pests.

Dermal Cooking Oil from Canola oil, not surprisingly, comes from the canola plant, which is the largest edible oil crop grown in Australia! Dermal Canola oil also has history in Canada

"Our scientists are constantly working to develop and improve our specialty fats and oils to better serve you"